Mars Bar Cakes

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This tasty recipe is sure to take you out of this world!
Preparation time10 minutes
Cooking time10 minutes


  • 1 pkt chocolate cake mix with icing
  • 4 x 53g bars mars bars, sliced 


  1. DO NOT PRE HEAT the Sunbeam Pie Magic®.
  2. Following cake instructions, make cake batter.
  3. Open lid of the Sunbeam Pie Magic and pour ½ cup batter in each pie dish. Add half mars bar in each. Cover mars bar with up to ¼ cup batter. Close lid and cook for 10-12 mins.
  4. Using a cake skewer to check if cake is cooked through. Place on a cooling rack and wait for cakes to cool.
  5. Following the cake mix packet instructions, make icing.
  6. Ice cake and decorate with remaining mars bar.