Beef with Grill vegetable wrap

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Grilling vegetables adds another flavour dimensions to the humble wrap
Preparation time2 minutes
Cooking time20 minutes


2 Eye fillet steaks

6 asparagus spears

½ red capsicum,

½ zucchini, sliced

50g baby spinach

2 wraps

2 Tbs hummus


1. Preheat sandwich press for 3 -4 minutes. Spray oil, season steak and cook for 8 minutes. Set aside. 

2. Cook asparagus, capsicum and zucchini in batches, and set aside.

3. Slice steak and capsicum. Place hummus, spinach, steak, capsicum, zucchini and asparagus on wraps and wrap.

4. Place on grill and cook for 6-7 minutes.