Sunbeam quenches summer thirst

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September 2008
As summer approaches it is imperative to keep hydrated and replenish fluids to maintain the body's water balance.

In fact, the Heart Foundation recommends that Australians drink at least one to two litres of water a day and encourages additional consumption in hot weather. With its 5.6 litre capacity, the new Sunbeam Water Purifier and Chiller WF7800 ensures there's plenty of fresh, clean water on tap for the whole family. While encouraging families to forgo sugary soft drinks and cordial, purified water also works out to be a cheaper alternative to buying bottled water - allowing families to benefit from the affordability of consuming filtered, chilled water at home. Chilled to a refreshing eight degrees or served at room temperature, the fast pump action of the Sunbeam Water Purifier &Chiller purifies unfiltered water instantly. Convenient to use, the clear tank also indicates when it's time to refill from the tap. With the added endorsement of the Australian Dental Association, the Sunbeam filter does not remove fluoride from the purified drinking water. It does, however, remove giardia, cryptosporidium and reduces other contaminants such as lead, mercury and common pesticides, making it suitable for all water qualities around Australia. The new water chiller also features a brushed finish to fit perfectly with modern interiors.