Sunbeam launches summer's coolest accessory

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November 2008
Never run out of ice half way through a party again with the new Sunbeam Eskimo Ice Maker. The ultimate partner for every party host, the ice maker produces quality ice at home using either tap or purified water.

Its 2.8 litre water reservoir has the capacity to make up to 18 kilograms of ice per 24 hour period to ensure drinks stay cool all day and night. With a choice of three cube output sizes, ice is ready in as little as eight minutes.

Freshly made ice is ideal for mixing cocktails or adding to spirits and soft drinks. It may also be used to keep bottled drinks cool and to present seafood and fruit platters, helping to chill perishable foods on a warm day. The Eskimo Ice Maker saves time and effort spent purchasing and carrying bags of ice, ensuring entertainers won't need to dash out during the festivities. Featuring a simple push button control panel, the unit can also act as an effective ice storage facility, to free up valuable freezer space.

The Sunbeam Eskimo Ice Maker is available in a silver or white finish from electrical retailers and department stores nationally.

RRP: $249