Sunbeam holds the secret to fresh food

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May 2010
Keeping everyday food deliciously fresh is easier and more convenient than ever before, with the launch of the Sunbeam handheld FoodSaver® FreshSaver™ .

The Sunbeam FoodSaver® FreshSaver™ vacuum packaging system removes air and moisture from specially designed zipper bags and deli containers, keeping deli meats, cheeses and other refrigerated foods fresher for longer.

Because the FreshSaver™ is handheld with a cordless, compact design, it's incredibly convenient to use. Whether at home in the kitchen, or engaging in recreational activities such as boating, hiking or camping, the FreshSaver™ can be used to keep food fresh and to store leftovers - particularly for short term storage needs.

The FreshSaver™ comes with a range of accessories to suit every storage need, such as a deli container and small and large zipper bags.

These zipper bags have been uniquely designed with a reinforced double zipper to ensure an airtight seal and its multi-layer construction keeps air and moisture out while locking in freshness and flavour.

Complete with a charging stand, the FreshSaver™ will be ready for action whenever it's needed.

Sunbeam's handheld FoodSaver® FreshSaver™, is available from leading electrical retailers and department stores nationally from May. RRP: $89.95

Sunbeam enquiries: 1300 881 861 or visit