Sunbeam Wins Esteemed Product of the Year Award

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February 2012
Australia's leading small appliance producer, Sunbeam, has been recognised at the 2012 Product of the Year Awards with its FoodSaver® FreshSaver™, announced as the Small Appliance Product of the Year.
Hosted by TODAY Show's Lisa Wilkinson at Sydney's Quay Restaurant last Thursday, the Product of the Year event celebrates the world's largest consumervoted award for product innovation. The purpose of the award is to guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation.

Sunbeam received the award after being announced as finalists in September 2011 and going on to compete against other national brands within the Small Appliance category.

Nicole Cowley, Marketing Manager Sunbeam, who attended the evening and received the award, said receiving such an accolade and recognition directly from consumers was a huge accomplishment.

"Sunbeam's handheld FoodSaver® FreshSaver™ truly is a convenient and innovative product made for consumers who are conscious about saving money and reducing food wastage," she said.

The FoodSaver® FreshSaver™ is an easy to use cordless and compact unit, designed to keep foods fresher for longer. The vacuum packaging system removes air and moisture from specially designed small and large zipper bags and deli containers, sealing them airtight and locking in freshness and flavour; perfect for keeping deli meats, cheeses and other refrigerated foods.

Products for Product of the Year Award are submitted and reviewed by a jury of distinguished industry professionals to ensure that the innovation criteria is met. From here, 7,000 Australian shoppers decide which products are the best in their category.

Product of the Year partner with leading global research firm TNS to conduct the study. The Sunbeam FoodSaver® FreshSaver™ is available in trusted appliance retailers.