Sunbeam Knows Great Coffee: Number one in category for the fourth consecutive year

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April 2010
Sunbeam continues to dominate the coffee machine category, with the Café Series® Espresso Machine EM6910 and the Café Series® Coffee Grinder EM0480 remaining number one seller in value for the past four years.

According to the latest GFK* data there has been an increase in sales of higher-positioned products, which has supported the ongoing success of Sunbeam's flagship Cafe Series® EM6910, a machine that has remained number one in sales
value for pump-espresso machines for the last four years. This is a true testament to the ongoing demand for this cultstatus product that provides consumers with exactly what they are looking for.

In the grinder market, Sunbeam's Café Series® Conical Burr Grinder EM0480 has been the number one grinder in sales value for the past four consecutive years. This is again a testament to the quality of the product, as consumers continue to
demand high-performance products that deliver proven results.

"The success of Sunbeam's EM6910 and EM0480 is unrivalled in the solo traditional and grinder categories," said Nigel Cornford, Sunbeam Product Marketing Manager - Beverage Appliances. "These two appliances quickly went to number one in their respective categories and have stayed there since."

"These results demonstrate that discerning consumers are looking for that café coffee experience at home and will seek
out appliances, that deliver exceptional espresso results and that perform day in day out. Sunbeam supports consumers
who seek products that can bring cafe quality espresso into the home for their family and friends."

To celebrate this news Sunbeam will continue one of its most successful promotions in the coffee category. Customers who purchase a Café Series® Espresso Machine in the period leading up to Mother's Day will receive a FREE Café
Series® Coffee Grinder EM0480 worth $199. The promotion Runs 1st April - 8th May 2011.

"There is a perceived barrier that not everyone can make an espresso coffee, this is why Sunbeam set up the Sunbeam Coffee School to teach people how to make café quality coffee at home," concluded Nigel.

The extremely interactive and informative Sunbeam Coffee School is now open to the public at an introductory price of $80.

Usually valued at $110, the Sunbeam Coffee School is ideal for anyone that has their eye on buying a coffee machine however has never used one before, or if they already have a coffee machine but want to receive some hands on advice
for how to perfect their coffee making skills.

This offer is available until 8th May 2011.