Sunbeam Ecowarm™ Panel Heater

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May 2008
For an efficient and effective heating solution, Sunbeam is launching the 2000W Ecowarm™ Panel Heater.
It combines a convection element as well as an innovative stone block, which is heated by a ceramic element, for maximum heating efficiency. Much like bricks are heated by the sun in summer, the stone block will hold its heat.
Once the desired room temperature is reached, the convection element can be switched off and the ECO mode switched on, saving energy. The stone block will then continue to maintain a steady temperature.

With no moving parts, the Ecowarm™ panel heater is also ideal for people with asthma or allergies as it doesn't move air and dust around the room, while the humidifier ensures the air doesn't dry out like other heating types. Other features include three heat settings, full function remote control and ionizer.