‘Steamy’ survey reveals majority of Aussie men fake it to escape heat… in the laundry

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November 2012
A 'Steamy' survey has been commissioned to investigate the current state of ironing in homes across the country and some intriguing findings have emerged.
Most prevalent is the battle of the sexes behaviors over one of the most hotly debated chores in Australian households- ironing.

Australian's demonstrate five unique personal styles when it comes ironing: Ironing Obsessives, Strategic Ironers, Cunning Non Ironers, Lazy Ironers and those that put ironing into the Mundane pile of chores. Digging a little deeper the 'Steamy' survey uncovered more interesting findings about these profiles:

  • 32% of Aussies consider themselves to be strategic ironers; limiting their ironing to the specific items that matter most like work clothes.
  • Strategic ironing is a style most likely to be adopted by males (36%)
  • Accounting for 28% of Australians, the next most popular ironing style is the lazy ironers who try to do as little ironing as they can get away with. This approach to ironing is most prevalent among Baby Boomers (31%) and those living on their own (35%).
  • Another popular ironing style is to simply avoid ironing all together. These cunning non-ironers make up 21% of the population.
  • Only 5% of Australians categorise themselves as ironing obsessives. In their quest to live in a wrinkle free zone, these individuals will iron everything in sight including towels, sheets and even underwear.
  • When it comes to Men Vs. Women in the ironing stakes, 90% of Australian women are less than impressed with men's attitude to ironing.

Sunbeam's "Steamy' survey revealed:

  • The trend for men to do more ironing than their father is under threat with almost half of today's Gen Y happy to admit that they do less ironing than their father did at the same age.
  • While 42% of Gen X and 39% of Baby Boomers males believe they spend more time ironing than their father, the corresponding figure among Gen Y is only 14%, these findings aren't reflected in women's attitudes to males ironing behaviours.
  • Most women believe that men are lazy when it comes to doing the ironing with 64% agreeing that men will try to get out of the ironing whenever they can.
  • 57% women also agree that men might iron their own shirts but won't do the family laundry, with another 52% believing men would rather walk around in a creased shirt than do the ironing.
  • Over 1 in 3 women would go even further, accusing Australian men of deliberately ironing poorly to avoid doing it in future.

"According to our consumer responses the split for iron purchases is about 80% women and 20% men. Traditionally ironing has been something that women would do as part of the housewife role and this still seems prevalent today." Said Sarah Francis product marketing manager for garment care at Sunbeam.
"With the innovation of products such as the new Sunbeam Steam Generators that help reduce ironing time by half, this will hopefully encourage more men to embrace the entire families ironing." Sarah Francis said.
Sunbeam's new Steam Generators will be released nationally at all major retailers from early October.

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