Squeeze your way to health and fitness with Sunbeam!

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October 2009
Sunbeam keeps Australians healthy and in shape this Christmas with the release of two new Juicers. Sunbeam's Juice Stream™ and Juice Drop™ turn fresh fruit and vegetables into delicious, thirst quenching drinks.

The Juice Stream™ brings café taste and convenience to your home. The Juice Stream's™ premier feature is that it juices whole pieces of fruit, making the process much easier, with little to no preparation time.

Juicing well over 1kg of fruit and vegetables in one go, The Juice Stream™ ensures an excellent juice yield with its two speed control for juicing hard or soft fruit and vegetables.

The Juice Stream™ is powerful and built to last with stainless steel blades and a mesh filter. With a 12 month replacement guarantee, you can be sure that your new juicer will be helping you and your family towards a healthy lifestyle for many more years to come.

The Juice Drop™ is a compact juicer that is ideal for those who are conscious of space and want a model that is easy to store away.

It may be small in size, but the Juice Drop™ doesn't compromise on power. Juicing over 1kg of Fruit and Vegetables in one go, the Juice Drop™ extracts an amazing amount of juice, saving you both time and money.

Its easy-to-use features mean that the whole family can get involved. The Juice Drop™ makes healthy food exciting for kids as they discover their favourite juice combinations.

Both the Juice Stream™ and Juice Drop™ have safety locking arms, a cord wrap and non-stick feet to ensure safety for your family as they enjoy the benefits of fresh juice for breakfast, lunch or as a healthy treat.

Sunbeam is so confident that you will love your new juicer; there is a 12 month replacement guarantee for both models.

Juice Stream™ RRP $179.00, including a bonus juice jug.
Sunbeam's Juice Drop™ RRP: $99.95.