Refreshing, healthy water for the whole family

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March 2008
Encouraging kids to make informed food and beverage choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, however education on the value of drinking fresh water is essential to improving a child's health and wellbeing.
As such, home filtration has become a viable option for those families who want inexpensive, good qualitydrinking water.

With the new Sunbeam Water Purifier & Chiller, enjoying clean, fresh, filtered water is as simple, affordable and convenient as pressing a button.

The Superfine Filter removes giardia, cryptosporidium and reduces other contaminants such as lead, mercury and some common pesticides, without removing fluoride which is essential to good health, particularly for children.

A far healthier option than soft drinks or cordial which can be high in sugar, water can be made more enticing to children by adding crushed ice or serving in a favourite superhero glass. Costing only a few cents per litre, families will also benefit from the affordability of having ready access to chilled water on tap at home.

Convenient to use, simply pour in tap water and chill to a refreshing eight degrees. With a large 5.6 litre capacity and fast pump action, this handy purifier features a clear tank so it's easy to know when it's time to refill.