Feel Part of The Action With Homemade ‘Footy Pies’ from Sunbeam Footy Final Essentials

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With the footy finals about to kick off, footy fans across the country will be looking forward to tucking into their favourite game snack, the iconic ‘Footy Pie’.

For those who will be cheering on their teams to victory from the comfort of their sofa, iconic Australian brand Sunbeam allows fans to feel like they are right in the heart of the action tucking into a homemade ‘Footy Pie’ with the Sunbeam Pie Magic® range. 

Whether enjoying get-togethers with family or friends, the Sunbeam Pie Magic® Family (RRP $79.95), Pie Magic® Traditional 4 Up (RRP $79.95) and Pie Magic® Snack Size 2 Up (RRP $44.95) allows fans to turn leftovers or any pre-cooked filling into delicious homemade pies to share with their fellow footy fans.

The Pie Magic® Family allows you to quickly and easily make your own delicious family size pie - large enough to share with all your mates. The Pie Magic® Traditional makes 4 pies sized just for one; creating four deep dish, high top pies – ideal for footy viewing in 12-15 minutes. As they’ve been designed to fit a standard pie, they’re also perfect to heat up store bought pies when unexpected fans drop in. Create smaller sized individual pies in five minutes, perfect for in between quarters with the Pie Magic® Snack Size 2.

“We are a nation of pie lovers, with the meat pie traditionally being one of the most popular foods consumed whilst watching your favourite football team.

For fans unable to make the game, Sunbeam is ensuring that they still feel part of the action with homemade ‘Footy Pies’,” said, Nicole Norton, Product Manager, Cooking Sunbeam. They’re quick and easy to make, and a definite winner even if your team isn’t.

The Pie Magic® range is simple to use and have non-stick cooking plates for easy clean up after the game.

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