Delicious espresso fast, with Sunbeam’s pod compatible models

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September 2010
Sunbeam's much loved espresso machines, the Café Series EM6910 and Arista 5900, will soon offer additional flexibility and ease of use as pod compatible models hit the market this Father's Day.

Users now have greater choice with how they make coffee: whether using pods to make a quick morning espresso or grinding beans the traditional way, consumers can enjoy fresh, delicious espresso in the comfort of their own home.

Coffee pods are a perfectly measured, compact parcel of ground coffee that you place into the group handle of your machine. Cutting out the mess, time and effort that can be associated with grinding your own beans and gauging the ideal amount of ground coffee per cup, pods are the ideal solution for achieving a delicious espresso fast.

Rapidly gaining popularity in Australia, pods can be purchased from a wide variety of roasters nationally, meaning coffee connoisseurs don't have to give up their favourite blend or roast. Visit for your closest supplier.

Along with the innovative new pod feature, both machines will still contain all the great features they are best known for, including the EM6019's distinctive TPTT™ system with twin pump and twin thermoblock system.

Purchasers of these models also have the opportunity to attend the Sunbeam Coffee School where talented baristas teach participants how to use their domestic machines to master the art of coffee though exceptional espressos, lattes and cappuccinos.

Sunbeam's POD compatible EM6910 and EM5900 will be available from Father's Day 2010. RRP: EM6910 $799 and EM5900 $449.