Clean and pure water with Sunbeam

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October 2009
Drinking water is an essential part of daily life, required to keep the body hydrated and remain healthy.

With summer just around the corner and more time spent outdoors in the sun, it is more vital than ever to ensure we're consuming the recommended one to two litres of water each day.

Sunbeam's striking new white Water Purifier and Chiller offers a simple and effective way to ensure the whole family stays hydrated. Designed to sit on the kitchen benchtop, it provides a constant reminder to the family to keep drinking water throughout the day.

Water can be served at a cool eight degrees for the ultimate refreshment or at room temperature for those who prefer it less chilled.

The fast pump action purifies the water instantly and the 5.6 litre capacity filter means there's always plenty of fresh water available at the push of a button.

The Sunbeam Water Purifier and Chiller is also endorsed by the Australian Dental Association, thanks to its super-fine filter, which removes harmful parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium. Furthermore, it reduces contaminants such as lead and mercury while retaining fluoride - an important mineral that prevents tooth decay.

The Sunbeam Water Purifier &Chiller is available from leading electrical retailers and department stores nationally from mid October. RRP: $249.95