Add Verve to your wardrobe

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March 2010
Sunbeam's Verve™ collection of irons are the latest must-have fashion accessory. Designed with a revolutionary "extreme" shot of steam, Verve™ protects your investment in fashion and is the essential addition to every wardrobe.

Sunbeam has been the expert in ironing for more than 85 years and is continually first on the scene with new technology and cutting edge features. Its latest advance - Extreme Shot of Steam technology - is setting the trend for iron innovation. Producing an impressive 80 grams of steam per minute, this high-pressure shot of steam is akin to that of a steam station iron. It effortlessly removes stubborn creases yet is gentle enough to steam delicate fabrics - keeping anything from wardrobe staples to luxe silk frocks in mint condition.

The Verve™ range offers a choice of three soleplate surfaces, so fashionistas can select the finish that best suits their wardrobe. Verve™ 62 and Verve™ 65 feature an easy clean Teflon® Platinum Pro soleplate, while the Verve™ 66 shines in classic, durable Stainless Steel. The top of the range Verve™ 68 boasts Sunbeam's exclusive scratch-resistant Resilium® finish, which glides effortlessly across all types of clothing and protects delicate fabrics.

After Verve™ has made an outfit red carpet ready, there's no need to worry about accidentally leaving it on if running fashionably late. Selected Verve™ irons have a safety auto-off feature which turns the iron off in case you forget. The power will only reconnect when the iron is moved.

Verve™ is the perfect accessory for those who desire individuality. Designed to turn heads with their fresh, bright colours, Verve's four stylish models are guaranteed to stand out in a sea of white. With turquoise, jade, royal purple and gold to liven up your ironing board, it would be a sin to store these irons away.

Fashion conscious shoppers on a budget should look out for Sunbeam's all new Pro Steam® range. Lightweight and a breeze to use, these sassy irons offer variable steam settings, fine mist spray and vertical shot of steam.

Like Verve™, Pro Steam® flaunts the season's hottest new colours - available in watermelon with a Teflon® non-stick soleplate, or lime green with a polished aluminium soleplate.

The new Verve™ and Pro-Steam® ranges are the hottest new accessory for those who have a passion for fashion.

Sunbeam's Verve™ iron range is available from 15th April 2010.

Verve™ 62 Platinum, SR6200, $64.95, RRP.
Verve™ 65 Platinum, SR6500, $89.95, RRP.
Verve™ 66 Stainless, SR6600, $99.95, RRP.
Verve™ 68 Resilium®, SR6800, $119.00, RRP.

The Sunbeam Pro Steam® range is available from 1st May, 2010.

Pro Steam® Polished, SR4100, $34.95, RRP.
Pro Steam® Teflon, SR4200, $44.95, RRP.

Sunbeam products are available from electrical retailers and department stores nationally.

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