Real Men Cook - The Results

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1. Men enjoyed coffee, blending and cake mixing more pleasurable than all other tasks except hugs suggesting men have softened up.

2. Men are much more comfortable in the kitchen than in the tool shed; coffee making is the second most pleasurable and the second most manly thing as stated by the men themselves.

3. The blender seems to be a hit with both men and women with using a blender being the 3rd fastest way to make your woman happy…. Men also enjoyed using the blender and rated it highly for manliness.

4. Women feel they are more aroused by a man using power appliances than power tools.

5. Bringing your partner a fresh coffee makes your partner happy and aroused.

6. The fastest way to turn your partner off is to watch sports with them.

7. Arousal also showed a strong link with anticipation and reward, in the coffee scenario and gift scenario there was arousal deemed anticipation from the brainwaves and then a large peak in the GSR when the gift or coffee were presented.

8. Tasks that involved both the man and woman in some way provided a greater arousal and happiness response, this would suggest that if a man prepares and presents a meal to his partner they will have the best combined response, and to heighten it even more you can make it a surprise.

9. With a gift being the 2nd most popular task for happiness and arousal and the coffee maker being the second most manly and most pleasurable task for men makes the coffee maker the king of the appliances…it also ranked 3rd for arousal.

10. It is interesting that men don’t find giving a gift to be a pleasurable nor manly experience.

11. Power appliances are the new power tools for the man of the future.

12. For men the coffee maker was the most pleasurable task of all from the EEG data, even more so than the Hug or Gift the Coffee maker experience was by far the most fun.