Ethical Sourcing Code

Sunbeam Corporation Limited (“Sunbeam”)

1.     Sunbeam’s commitment

Sunbeam is committed to ensuring that all products which it sources, directly or indirectly, comply with Sunbeam’s Ethical Sourcing Code (“Code”).

As a leading brand of consumer products, Sunbeam is aware of its responsibility to do all it can to ensure that its products are sourced and produced in circumstances which do not breach the Code.

At Sunbeam we strive to work with suppliers who treat their employees with dignity and respect, adhere to applicable laws and regulations, and make their products in an environmentally sustainable manner. Accordingly, Sunbeam requires each supplier to comply with the following Code.

References in this Code to “suppliers” includes all suppliers who contribute directly or indirectly to the Sunbeam product. 

The Code covers a number of areas including those which appear below.

Employment practices:

All suppliers engaged directly or indirectly in the manufacture of Sunbeam products must adopt sound and acceptable labour practices and at all times respect the dignity and safety of their workforce. Their employees must be treated in a fair manner without any form of discrimination including discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, religion, age, maternity or material status, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, nationality, cultural or personal beliefs. Such aspects relate to hiring, wages, benefits, advancement, remaining in the job, termination or retirement.

All members of a supplier’s workforce must be treated fairly and in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding labour and employment in their local jurisdiction. In addition, the standard adopted by those suppliers must be the highest possible and meet the expectations that could be reasonably be required in those circumstances.

Suppliers of Sunbeam’s products will not use labour which is involuntary nor subject to a bonding arrangement. It is not acceptable for prison labour to be used. Nor is it acceptable for employees to be required to lodge a deposit or their identity papers. Nor is it permissible for employees to be brought from one country to another, or one region to another and be forced against their wills to work in an environment where they are not reasonably considered to be voluntary employees.

Suppliers are not allowed to use the labour of people who are below the legal age limit in that country even though such child labour may be by community standards, acceptable.

Sunbeam looks at the broader picture and does not accept that it is a proper arrangement for suppliers to use underage people in any way for the manufacture of their products. There are laws and standards including the International Labour Organization (ILO) which cover working hours and conditions of all employees.

Both before and during employment, it is not acceptable conduct for suppliers to have inappropriate testing and screening in determining whether a person is employed or remains in employment or as a means of terminating the employment of staff of the supplier.

Physical and mental abuse or excessive discipline of staff shall not occur and there shall be no threat given by suppliers that staff will be physically abused if they do not meet the standards or otherwise of the supplier. Similarly, sexual or any other form of harassment, bullying or intimidation is not condoned.

Wages and Benefits :

Suppliers shall pay employees at least the minimum wage required by local law, or the prevailing industry wage if no minimum wage law applies, and shall provide legally mandated benefits.

Employment conditions:

It is essential that suppliers provide safe working conditions for their employees notwithstanding what might have been provided for employees in the past. Suppliers of Sunbeam products are not permitted to provide employment conditions that imperil the lives of employees.

Suppliers must ensure that employees and their working conditions are given adequate heating, ventilation and lighting. All machinery, electrical appliance and all other aspects relating to the workplace must be suitable for use and safe at all times. If those appliance or equipment become unsafe then it is incumbent on the employer to ensure there is adequate rectification.

Health and Safety :

Suppliers shall identify, assess and minimise the impact of emergency situations by implementing emergency plans and response procedures. These plans and procedures must include the following: emergency exits are unlocked and accessible during working hours; fire extinguishers must be present and changed; evacuation plans must be posted; and drills must be conducted annually.

A safe working environment:

Suppliers shall ensure that they provide a safe and hygienic working environment at all times for their employees, with particular reference to the industry they are working in, and consider the physical conditions such as weather so as to prevent any reasonably foreseeable accidents or injury.

Appropriate and regular Work, Health and Safety training must be provided to all new and existing employees.

Suppliers shall ensure that applicable laws and regulations are observed concerning the environmental impacts of their operations. If there is an environmental accident at the premises of the supplier then that accident must be dealt with properly and efficiently and arrangements put in place to ensure that such an accident will not reoccur. If necessary, all local authorities must be notified.

The standards required of suppliers should address all aspects relating to the environment and proper maintenance of hygienic services such as:

  1. Proper and adequate sanitation- it is essential that there be proper sanitation of the premises of the supplier to ensure there is an acceptable level of hygiene for employees and the risk of disease and infestation be minimised to the greatest extent possible.
  2. Water- the water which is available for consumption by employees of the supplier must be clean and free of disease.
  3. Availability of medical care- if employees are subject to hazardous working conditions, then suppliers must provide suitable medical availability, first aid kits, oxygen tanks and any other reasonable assistance for the benefit of employees. These services should be regularly checked, replenished and maintained so as to ensure their effectiveness in the event of their use.
  4. Waste management- it is expected that suppliers will encourage recycling of waste. If waste occurs then it needs to be properly controlled taking into account the local environment of the suppliers’ workplace. If the workplace involves materials which may be dangerous or hazardous, especially if employees are not in a controlled environment, suppliers will exercise extreme care. If the workplace is of its nature hazardous then appropriate emergency response plans must be implemented and aspects such as evacuation drills must be respected and practiced.
  5. Energy use- suppliers are expected to ensure that their use of energy is done in an efficient and proper manner to ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimise emissions which may be harmful to employees, surrounding communities and the environment.

Management practices:

Suppliers must always be mindful of the safety of their workforce. Their practices must be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that all necessary changes are made for the benefit of their staff.


Suppliers are held to the highest standards of integrity. Embezzlement, corruption, bribery and extortion are strictly prohibited. Suppliers must respect all intellectual property rights and regulatory requirements of the country they ship to which they send goods.

2.     Sunbeam’s expectation

Sunbeam requires suppliers of its consumer goods to fully embrace and comply with the Code in all respects. It is appreciated that Sunbeam engages directly with a small number of suppliers and that those suppliers engage others, both directly and indirectly, to source their requirements.

It is the policy of Sunbeam that all suppliers, both directly and indirectly, must agree to comply with the Code.

In doing so every supplier in the chain of engagement and as part of the process in the production and sourcing of Sunbeam goods is required to comply with the Code.

In addition, all suppliers, both direct and indirect, must as a condition of engagement, make themselves available for an audit of their activities to ensure that they comply with the Code.

Sunbeam takes this matter very seriously. If it is found that any supplier, directly or indirectly, breaches the Code and continues to breach the Code after receiving a breach notice, then that will constitute grounds for termination of the services of that particular supplier. Sunbeam may require its direct supplier to terminate the services of or cease to acquire inputs from an indirect supplier, in respect of Sunbeam product.

This is the level of commitment that Sunbeam requires to ensure the highest standard of ethical conduct possible has been, and will be, undertaken by suppliers in the manufacture of all Sunbeam consumer products.

3.     Monitoring and Compliance:

To ensure compliance with our Code, Sunbeam shall have the right to monitor factories producing Sunbeam brand products through audits by third parties and visits by Sunbeam personnel. Sunbeam seeks relationships with suppliers that are committed to manufacturing Sunbeam products under fair and safe labour conditions and sound environmental practices. If Sunbeam determines that a particular supplier does not comply with Sunbeam’s Code, Sunbeam will strive to develop and implement an appropriate corrective action plan with that supplier. Nevertheless, depending upon the circumstances, Sunbeam may elect to end its relationship with a supplier that produces Sunbeam brand product at any time for failing to adhere to Sunbeam’s Code. Sunbeam will provide suppliers with a copy of the Code, and the Code will be on Sunbeam’s website. The Code must be posted in a place visible to employees, in their native language.

Sunbeam may amend the Code from time to time, and will give notice of when it does amend it and publish the amended Code on Sunbeam’s website.

Sunbeam Corporation Limited