HP3000T GoLunch Food Warmer - Tangerine Orange

Food warmer for hot lunches on the go with no stove or microwave required.

This product has been discontinued.
RRP $79.99
Hot meals in 3 steps: Fill, Heat, Eat. No more queuing up to use the microwave, hot meals ready to eat when you are.

1) Fill the 700ml stainless steel container with your pre-prepared meals, soups or leftovers.

2) Turn on the GoLunch when you get to work, uni or the office and it will start to gently warm up your lunch to 75˚C.

3) After a couple of hours your food will be hot and ready to eat whenever you are with no chance of food odours escaping.

Specifications & Features

Colour orange
Construction/Finish Plastic
Dimensions H x W x D 175 x 205 x 205
Net Weight (kg) 1.10 kg
Cord Length (mm) 90
Working Capacity (L) 0.70
Crock Stainless Steel
Crock Shape Circular
Wrap Around Element Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Heat Settings On/Off
Removable Cord Yes
Warranty Months 12
Warranty Type Replacement

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Hints & Tips


How long does the golunch take to heat food?

he GoLunch gently heats food and reaches 75˚C in 2 hours for chilled food (3.5 hours for frozen food).

Can i cook food in golunch like a slow cooker?

No. The GoLunch is a food warmer and heats pre-cooked food readyto eat. Do not place uncooked food into the GoLunch.

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