VS0500 FoodSaver® 35 x Reusable Vacuum Zipper Bags

Reusable and resealable BPA free vacuum zipper bags for vacuum sealing regularly used fridge and pantry items. Use with FoodSaver machines.

This product has been discontinued.

FoodSaver® reusable 950ml zipper bags are designed to use with FoodSaver® Fresh or FoodSaver machines to take the air out to vacuum seal the fresh in. Large 20 x 22cm bags are ideal for fridge, pantry and on-the-go foods.
  • Reusable

    Extra strong double track zipper helps to block oxygen and moisture, and maintain the vacuum seal to lock in food freshness and flavour.

  • Double Track Zipper Bags

    Double Track Zipper Bags
    FoodSaver bags have a unique strong, multi-layer construction to help extract the air and then create an air-tight barrier around foods. Specially designed channels allow for the complete removal of air.

  • Strong, Multi-layer Construction

    Strong, Multi-layer Construction

Specifications & Features

Colour Clear
Construction/Finish Plastic
Dimensions H x W x D 225 x 1 x 200
Net Weight (kg) 0.34 kg
Instructional Booklets FoodSaver vacuum zipper bags can be opened and resealed multiple times. Use with FoodSaver® Fresh machine and all FoodSaver® machines with accessory adaptors to create a vacuum seal. BPA free for peace of mind.
Warranty Months 12
Warranty Type Replacement

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