EM0500 Cafe Series® Conical Burr Grinder II

Conical burr coffee grinder

This product has been discontinued.
  • No Mess Design

    No Mess Design
    The static reducing design means you can enjoy the taste of a true espresso made from freshly ground coffee beans without the mess.

  • Large, Removable Base Plate

    Large, Removable Base Plate
    Ideal for catching coffee grinds, removable for easy cleaning and is also fitted with a silicon tamping pad.

  • 400g Bean Hopper

    400g Bean Hopper
    Ideal for continuous coffee making. Also fitted with an easy to use slide to close the base of the hopper for easy removal and transfer of beans for storage.

Specifications & Features

Colour Stainless
Construction/Finish Die-cast Metal Housing
Dimensions H x W x D N/A
Additional Features Commercial & Domestic Group Handle Locators, Preparation Mat & Cord Storage
Coffee Storage Container Yes
Design Designed & Engineered in Australia
Grinding Mechanism Conical Burr
Grind On Demand Grind Directly into the Group Handle
Grind Size Settings 40 Grind Settings
Hopper Capacity 400
Net Weight (kg) 3.20
Operation Grind Direct to Handle and Automatic Flow
Warranty Months 12
Warranty Note (5 Year Motor)
Warranty Type Replacement

Specifications and Features are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.

Hints & Tips


The types of coffee machines

Manual: For people who like control over their coffee-making, the coffee grounds are loaded by hand into a cup-shaped filter. Capsule: Easy to use and mess-free, simply insert the sealed capsule (""pod"") of pre-ground, pre-measured coffee. Automatic/Semi-automatic: Decide what you want your coffee machine to do for you. Some models perform tasks at the push of a button, including cleaning the machine. They also offer a range of pre-sets for one, two or three shots of espresso at the push of a button.

Grinding the coffee beans

Some coffee machines have a built-in coffee bean grinder, which can be adjusted for coarse, medium, fine or extra-fine granules. Coffee grinders come in three types: Wheel burr grinders: The beans are crushed between two wheels, one spinning very fast and the other stationary. These can be noisy. Conical burr grinders: A metal cone at the base rotates against another surface at the top. These spin more slowly, tend to clog less and are quieter. Blade grinders: Beans are sliced finely using a blade. These may grind beans unevenly and leave coffee with a slight burnt taste if ground too long. If the espresso maker doesn't have an in-built coffee grinder, you'll need to buy a standalone one or use pre-ground coffee instead.

What is a thermoblock?

This is the internal component of a coffee maker that heats water to the optimum temperature range for making coffee (between 85°C and 96°C). For good flavour it's important that you don't scald the coffee. Machines with twin thermoblocks make coffee quicker because they heat the water for the coffee and create steam for frothing the milk at the same time.

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